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so ive heard and thought a lot of the same thing lately. a friend talking about how she aspires to be a better person, to be a person, who when walks into the room, people notice and are instantlly drawn to them because of their amazing heart. and then theres a friend reaching out because she feels that she has nothing, and she needs to reattach to what she used to have. it seems to me that a lot of people around me are catching onto what they need in their lives. and it got me thinking about my own relationships. i have plenty of friends, i know that. but when i think about my relationships, i know that there arent any that are super deep. because as much as i listen and offer support, and hear my friends deepest fears, i dont return the same amount of depth. i glaze over and give the shortened version, where i end with a smile but thats not necessarily the real ending. and so one friend was also saying that we need that person, the one or two that we can truely open ourselves to. it will help us grow and will give us so much relief.
so while i try to open up and tell people how i really am, i hope that you also have a person that you can do this with. im quite tired of it all being in me, but i honestly dont know how to get it out. i dont really feel that its worth it. but whatever. goodluck with your people.


  1. Lowren:

    1) lovely photos. where did you take those??

    2) if your friends can trust you to splurge all their secrets and hopes and fears, I'm sure they are trustworthy enough to hear yours. Or if its because you just feel like it's not worth it ... it is! Don't think too hard about how to get it out, I bet it'd be easier to just go with the flow if you stop thinking too much and stopping yourself.

    Don't glaze, unless you are making a donut, and in that case, give me one! All of your stories and feelings are definitely worth it, and I bet there are people who'd love to hear and help. It really feels so nice to have people you can be dead honest with, and hear dead honest feedback.

    P.S. I know this probably doesn't help, but I love you to the moon and back and am totally always here for you and would be happy to be a person for you. I'm quite a good listener and advice-giver :D But I know it is hard to find a person and open up so no pressure, but just fyi I'm here always :)

  2. It's worth it. your story is worth listening to.