pin up girl

this my friends, is my pinboard. a boring concept but i just love them. i was sick though of seeing the brown background on mine so i cut up an old pillow case and now mine is pretty white with darling little flowers. most of which gets covered i know but you can see that it makes it look so much better!


  1. that is uber cute. i love the fabric!

    one thing is wrong: WHERE AM I??!?! no pictures of us, when i'm the furthest away!! sniff sniff.

    p.s. what is the thing at the top right, that looks like a mini windchime but also a delectably adorable potential hair clip, or many sets of earrings?

  2. oh im not finished! ill put you front and centre :)
    its a beaded thing i found in the old house at boonderoo. did i ever show you the sequin costumes i found there? amazing! and oooold.
    i think it may have been part of a hair piece. but now its just a beady thing that i love.