My day

my goodness gracious its been hot in adelaide! today was that gross muggy hot though. Theres been the rumor of rain about and so the clouds kept the heat down which was a bit yuck.

Today was nice though, I had a much needed lunch with a friend, and came home and relaxed with a little music. I've been so exhausted and sick that it was nice to spend time with loved ones and just have some me time! The heat didn't make it nice, but I was distracted from it!

At about 7:30 (not 7:08) the rain came in!!!! The wind whipped around so we opened up all the windows in the house to cool at down, and sat outside under the fig tree soaking it up!!!

I chewed nectarines and paige picked at the high figs with tongs. love it!

and birdy says hi :)

I really don't like the heat, but the colours of australian summer. just wow.

so here are a few (im sorry a lot) of photos from my new camera!
theres more on my flickr, which i finally updated!

have a good day lovelies!

ok so exciting news!!!

I haven't actually ever owned a DSLR. I've always used film for years and my film collection is quite large now! BUT! A family friend was buying a new camera and so now I am the proud owner of her old Canon 400d! YAY! I know its not the newest model or anything, but for now I'm totally over the moon!

So these photos aren't mine, with working like crazy I haven't had the chance to explore.
But please enjoy the amazing talent of alyssakai

cute freebies!

how cute are these tags!
they're printable free downloads.

get yours here :)

much love monday

taken on sunset boulevard, downtown LA december 2011

Today I'm missing america. So my much love monday is about that!
I haven't explained much of the trip, and I won't in this post, but ill give you  a snippet.

I'm much in love with the passion, care and love that the LA Dream Centre has for God and his people. They run amazing programs in LA for people who don't have everything they need in life. From homeless people to families who can't afford food. They take men, women and teens who are meant to be in jail, and run them through Godly programs that bring their hearts back to life and into the right perspective.
I was SO lucky to head there with my team from dance, and we got to work alongside the dream centre's inspiring team for 6 days. I can't even explain the feeling.
I just really felt the presence of love and God. And there is nothing better than that.

cameo silhouette

oooh i just want it soooooooo bad! 

hook this little baby up to your computer and you'll have any laser cut you want!
AND you can switch the blade to a little pencil thing and it will sketch from your computer.
wowzers. i better get saving. but 300 aint too bad....right?

anthropologie and some drool

I don't think that it is possible to dislike anthropologie. especially their swimwear! I was so upset not to be able to visit an actual store while I was in LA. I was hoping to be able to actually touch the product rather than have to stare at it whilst drooling over my poor macs keyboard. oh well.

but seriously. the last two. HO MA GO!