my heart was lost,
when you found another.
it seems, for me
my heart,
will not find another,
or be found.

[photos, amalia chimera]

"if i loved you less, i might be able to talk about it more"
jane austen

m.elle design

how brilliant is this home by m.elle design?! i think its just amazing. i love the rustic wood and the white panel board walls. so lovely. and the chandelier in the second photo down on the right. so brilliant! i really need to know where they found that beauty!

home found via sweet as a candy


This is my favourite camera, my fujica stx-1. Its broken at the moment though, the wind-on wont work. its jammed or something. fingers crossed i can get it fixed tomorrow.
 i miss using film!
tell me, whats your favourite camera to use?

tree & kimball

hopefully i can purchase something by the lovely tree & kimball very soon!
right now ill just stick to drooling.


im dreaming of lazy days with a book outside and a cup of tea and a lovely cupcake.
the problem is my reality is quite different. 
my eyes are stinging and im at uni. and its night. no fair.
oh well. ill be free in a few days!!! bring on the cup cakes.

please have a look over at my flickr and tell me what you think of my photos.
pretty please?
there's not heaps, hopefully ill get a lot more up soon.
love. xx


wow, these last weeks have been amazingly crazy! not in a bad way though. i have one week left of this study period and boy its hectic at the moment. i have seven assignments that need handing up in the next four days. oh no! im a little behind, because ive been working so much. so my body and mind are sooooooooooo incredibly tired. i think its making me dumber! on the plus side though all the working is going to be giving me some good savings! and ill be getting a polaroid camera really soon. which makes me so happy. im so excited! and ill be getting some boots in the next couple weeks too, not just any boots, they're so awesome. but you'll have to wait and see!

so i havent really been doing anything interesting. its all assignments and work. i miss my beautiful friends! so here are a few photos from my life before i got this busy.

the sunset photos are from when i went to get coffee with one of my best ladies jess, it was such a nice afternoon. i love her! it was also her 21st on the weekend just gone, but im yet to see any photos.

and does anyone watch the mighty boosh?? i went to naboolio! he was so cute! and a little cutie with a mo :)

he had an awesome set of rings on. but i couldnt get any photos because he was moving too much!

ive gotta dash my friends. ill be spending all night at uni with the macs so ill see you later :)

 i totally rushed this project. I kinda forgot about it because of all the 
other things due at the moment. oops.