far away

i want to be back in the uk, where i felt normal.
i love the air, the smell, the sun, the breeze, the life.
the cobblestones, the chipped wood, the nature, the old trees.

i want to trawl through carboots, visit old antique stores in
quiet towns along the coast. I want to find secret stores in the 
back streets of edinburgh, with amazing things.

and i want to meet a nice boy from the country side.
not like the aussie countryside, with rm williams and stubbies,
one who will walk through fields with me, who can play the 
guitar while i try to play along. One who is extremely handsome, 
sweet and stong, and will come with me when
i stroll to pick wildflowers and berries.

do you think i could pick up my family, pets,
friends and attachments and shift them all over? for free?
i dont think its going to happen.
 but a girl can dream. 
its so hard! being over there felt so natural, and sometimes,
here doesnt. but what can you do.

where do you feel drawn to? where would your perfect
home be, if you could take your loved ones too?

photos here and here

oh nice!

well i definitely just fell in love with this wonderful work.
and this is only a teensy tiny bit of her interior decorating. 
she does absolutely amazing things.
have a look for yourself here:

what do you think?

my garden is looking lovely at the moment.
sorry the photos are a little blurry! 

sweet placings.

such a beautiful bridal shower.
i think mine would be similar to this. with flowers and sweet placings. 
but maybe some more earthy natural colours with wildflowers.

just some typical spring photos for you! 
i took these in tanunda, south australia. 
im so excited though the blossoms in my backyard are starting
to appear. so pretty :)

have a lovely day everyone. xx

shoot like her.

check out this flickr, i just think her photos are amazing.

i found this music thing on a friends tumblr. if you take it and do it yourself please let me know so i can have a little bit of a lookie!

type these words into your itunes and write the first song that appears:
happy: "happy everafter in your eyes" ben harper
love: "put it in a love song" alicia keys
hate: "view from the afternoon" arctic monkeys
light: "there is a light that never goes out" anberlin
dark: "in the dark of the night" anastasia soundtrack
bad: "black wave/bad vibrations" arcade fire
good: "you're not alone" adam k
smile: "god put a smile upon your face" coldplay
cry: "crying won't help you now" ben harper
girl: "about a girl" the academy is
boy: "the boy does nothing" alesha dixon
sad: "one more sad song" the all american rejects
lost: "change the world (lost ones)" anberlin

show day

im going to the royal adelaide show today! i cant wait :)
its kind of childish yes but i have soooo much fun!
i took these photos last year, on my fujica stx-1 manual slr.
have a good day! i know i will!!!!

can i lie there?

dear urban outfitters, can you please let this be my bedroom? i promise to keep it clean, pretty and i will love it. i think the patterns are lovely and you do realise that its got my name on it? ok thanks, look forward to hearing from you soon.
love lauren

oh and my hair doesnt curl well anymore, it needs a major chop. how much should i cut off?