shoot like her.

check out this flickr, i just think her photos are amazing.

i found this music thing on a friends tumblr. if you take it and do it yourself please let me know so i can have a little bit of a lookie!

type these words into your itunes and write the first song that appears:
happy: "happy everafter in your eyes" ben harper
love: "put it in a love song" alicia keys
hate: "view from the afternoon" arctic monkeys
light: "there is a light that never goes out" anberlin
dark: "in the dark of the night" anastasia soundtrack
bad: "black wave/bad vibrations" arcade fire
good: "you're not alone" adam k
smile: "god put a smile upon your face" coldplay
cry: "crying won't help you now" ben harper
girl: "about a girl" the academy is
boy: "the boy does nothing" alesha dixon
sad: "one more sad song" the all american rejects
lost: "change the world (lost ones)" anberlin


  1. hey there :)

    just posted it on my blog...


  2. I did it too, I love your new header!


  3. these pictures are amazing! did you make the header yourself? xx