the last few months in instagrams. crazy crazy!

its definitely been a lil while since ive hit the new post button! i apologise for my absence!
so, what ive been up to!

as of last week i am free forever of uni classes! i had my last studios sessions and tutorials last week, which was an odd feeling to have as I walked out of uni. I still have a million assignments to do and portfolios to create, but I don't have to be in a classroom at 9am anymore! I can't wait to show you my portfolio. Its nowhere near done yet but when it is....woo hoo! can't wait!
in two weeks i have a "mock portfolio interview". basically lecturers from uni just pretend their studio proffessionals and make me quiver in my boots whilst looking through my work!
then a bit over a week after that we have our gradshow which will be amazing!
so thats my story of late. I have been doing odd fun things in between. which hopefully i can share with you soon. but for now, I have to stick to my homework. there will be odd posts here and there when im being a bad student procrastinating!!

enjoy these crafty photos. Im hanging out for that small bit of summer when I can get a bit crafty and spend time at the beach. it will be amazing. just got a few months before i actually get there!

have a lovely day beautiful friends!