linenhouse love

im slowly moving into my new house, and a new white bed (which i havent exactly gotten yet) calls for a nice new bed cover i think. the new years sales also helped me pick this nice little beauty out. it was actually my first find of a sale day. and i love it! it is absolutely perfect for me room and its such good quality. im so tired of looking for nice quality bed covers, and if they are decent, the patterns can most likely be horrible! so i am quite happy with myself for choosing this one. how i love you linen house

cardboard forest

yuken teruya has made these fantastic pieces using what would usually be discarded and unnoticed. there is such amazing detail in these trees and such attention to not bending the cardboard at the wrong angle and causing crease marks. This project corner forest is also similar to a couple of his other works, notice forest which uses paper bags along with the tree theme, and book, which has absolutely beautiful tree detail inside books.

helvetica who.

once again looking through my frankie i found this little necklace on littleshopof and wanted it straight away! unfortunately so did many other readers so they were out of stock when i went to flash my card. but checking again a month later they were back in stock and i got my hands on one! being a design student i found it necessary. well thats the reasoning ill provide when someone questions me :)
the shop also stocks CMYK and RGB chains that are the same, which hopefully ill be able to nab soon!

boxing day love

i am so exhausted. exploring etsy is extremely appealing right now. i had a lovely christmas. but i checked my bank account this morning and some checks went in. but i cant go nuts! i did however order a handmade 2010 diary. which is completely reasonable because i needed one and there are none in the stores with any charm. my 2009 i bought over at covent garden in london but of course i cant just go overseas every year just to buy a diary. i wish i could though! and i loved it. but unfortunately it finishes in a weekish. but this one is cute. and i cant wait til it arrives!
but i found a new store which is really cute. and cheap as its name states! the 5 dollar french market, as its name suggests, stocks cute and chic french inspired, hand made goodies! and everything is 5 dollars! check it out. it is simply lovely.

marie antoinette inspired journal

lovely lovely lace!

five golden rings

merry christmas everyone. i am absolutely exhausted. there is 11 minutes of my christmas left and i had a lovely day with family. i even got to speak to my brother and his girlfriend in america on the phone this morning which would definitely have been the highlight. half the world hasnt had christmas just yet. so i hope you all have magical days :) i will be sure to enjoy a relaxing boxing day of a small family lunch, just with my own little family and nanna of course.
eat up!
god bless
lauren xx

maids a milking

so tomorrow is christmas eve. today i had errands to do and people to see and honestly, i didnt feel stressed at all in myself. but all the frantic people driving around me and madly swiping credit cards sent my heart rate up a fair bit! everybody was in such a craze today, buying last minute gifts and ordering their ham for ten. i can't wait for christmas day, but i could do without the crazy eyes people gave me. i think i will have to get everything done way before christmas next year, just to avoid the hundreds of rude people who park the trolleys in an isle just to look at something, while you need to get through there because every other isle is blocked off.
rant over. i will feel less stressed when i wake up tomorrow. fingers crossed. dont get me wrong. i am bursting with the christmas spirit. i will be playing christmas carols tomorrow and getting tangeled in wrapping paper and glitter (minus the hour when hannah montana is on) but i will not be venturing out into the world of crazy. imadone!
enjoy your last minute hecticness before the beautiful day arrives everybody! try to relax and enjoy the time. and how exciting! a break of relief from the 42 degree heat today with rain supposedly coming at midnight, half an hour away. showers and cloudy skies! my favourite! lets hope christmas day is cool and that we dont melt like i think i did today!
on an extremelly happy note i caught up with some lovely ladies today. and we exchanged presents. which i will hopefully post pictures of after christmas day. but im in love with them! salt and pepper shaker horse, which are adorable, have to be seen to be believed. a pretty candle, which i cannot smell due to a horrible cold. still. bleh. and an amaaaazing scarf that my friends sister made. i honestly would marry it if that was legal.
goodnight my loves, time for some shuteye xx

i'll be dafter

my dear friend frankie magazine introduced me to an amazing photographer, much in the style which i try to shoot.
lani dafter is an australia photographer (yesssssssss aussieeeeee) who has a sweet eye in polaroids and diana cameras.
"the unnoticed project" is something you should definitely check out.

what a nice idea.

now while they are cute, i dont actually use jewelery boxes for my jewelery anymore. i hang them out of baskets and off of an old lampshade. exploring the internet ive found other ways too.

this ones a strawberry crate with cross stitch fabric wrapped around it.

and this is my favourite. although there is no chance of me being able to do it because i cant put hooks on my rental walls. tear! but i can imagine and dream.

button me please.

they're just so cute. the mother of an old boyfriend had a severe disliking for them. so i tried not to wear buttons around her. i guess maybe its a good thing we're not together anymore! she was lovely though. but how could she not like them?? how??

so its just under a week before christmas, and after a long two weeks i am still sick. and getting worse. so while i cough and complain it does however give me time to dream about the exciting task of filling my new house with pretty things. im moving from a boarding college into a lovely old style house with wooden floors and ceiling detail. my room has a shabby white bookcase and an old white wardrobe (which i am quite happy with in its large size)

im hoping that one of my christmas pressies will be a book by rachel ashwell. i love her shabby chic style and i would definitely be happy placing that book in my bookcase. i can only dream that my house looked like one of her creations. but for now, i am a cheap uni student. but hey, shabby, i can do that.

and here is her blog, i hope you love her like i do.

hello mr. blog world.

so this is my first proper blog. ive started others before, but have had no motivation at all in keeping them. so in short, they were terrible. im studying visual communication at uni and my studio teacher thinks its a good idea to start a blog. so here i find myself. making a nice little blog and assuring myself that i will have the motivation to keep it going. im not completely sure what ill blog about. but most likely it will be things that i like, and things that i do. and maybe general chit chatter. i hope you enjoy it.
lauren may, with love.