country air.

i spent the day at my parents in the country yesterday.
nothing makes me feel better like country air. i needed that ease of mind.

photos by an apple a day

I'm at home with the flu, cold and lonely. so im having one of those day where your whole body hurts. you know? where your heart just hurts a bit?
you know the ones........we all have them! so ive stolen these questions from wolfcub.
you should steal them too.

1. A QUALITY I WOULD WANT IN A FUTURE BOYFRIEND: he just has to be awesome, you know? he needs to play music so we can jam together :)
2. STORY BEHIND MY LAST KISS: well, to be honest, that hurting heart i mentioned earlier and a little bit of vodka.......
3. SOMETHING I AM PROUD OF: my ability to make bunting? 
4. ONE OF MY INSECURITIES: the fact that i know im insecure. does that even work?
5. A SECRET: it hasnt gone away. after all this time i thought it would have. but its still there.
6. AN IDEAL DATE: cooking a meal together then sitting in the warmth with a guitar and and rug.
7. A TURN ON: a good heart, a guitar, handsome, plays sport, creativity, a bit of stubble :)
8. A TURN OFF: a bad attitude, straight away.
9. SOMETHING THAT MAKES ME HAPPY: perfume, music, soothing chords, a good roast.
10. SOMETHING I REGRET: not having the guts to be honest about my feelings in things.
11. SOMETHING THATS ON MY MIND: i hope i dont get any sicker......
12. A RANDOM FACT ABOUT MYSELF: i love catalgues, more than a lot of things.
13. WHERE I WOULD LIKE TO LIVE: somewhere 
14. ONE OF MY BAD HABITS: i should probably look after myself once in a while. 
15. WHO I WISH I COULD BE: better

right now i would love to be sitting in melbourne, wrapped in my scarf and warm boots whilst sipping on my coffee. Thinking about the alley ways im going to visit and the flowers in the parks. But alas i am not there. Ill just be planning my next trip then :)

bye bye birdy

wonderful people i will be away for a week. 
so i will blog you all when i get back
have a wonderful 6 days :)


the blossoms will be returning in a month or two.
im a little excited :)


say hello to my current uni assignment. im in a huge rush to get it finished because im working away during the last week of the course. 
thats what you get when they change the dates on you!

sexy wednesday

foxtail fields

positively stunning as per usual.

if you have not heard me before, make sure you check out Foxtail & Fern.
(formally known as Hello Mr Fox)
She is just a bit wonderful!