YSL heartbeat

i have no doubt that you've most likely seen this amazing ring floating around the blogging world of late. it's been doing the rounds and it's no wonder why. its pretty darn snazzy!

even the beautiful andy of stylescrapbook has one (of course)

YSL have always had pretty amazing rings, but this one has my heart racing.
It's just too good to be true (and also to good for my budget!)

a pencil and a flower

as always, beautiful photos posted on the lovely an Apple a Day.
its heartbreaking that I can't find these beautiful ranunculus flowers around my town.
but for now ill stare at these beautiful pictures and pine for that deep purple lovely shape.

today i  HAVE to finish these drawings that i've been working on for soooo very long! but i actually highly doubt that i will finish them. there's two tattoo's for people to be done, and a promo booklet for some friends. It's a lot of work, considering uni is starting tomorrow (BOO)
I just don't think im feeling very inspired. Well I am, it's just so nervewrecking thinking that these tattoo's could possibly be on someone....forever.......and these booklets, well it's just different designing things that are actually going to be used. Usually my stuff is limited to only being marked in class!

Wish me luck. If I'm proud enough of anything i'll show you.
how are you spending your day?

king tut

i get to see the new exhibition when im in melbourne next.
words cannot describe how exciting this is.

cant wait.


my goodness you have no idea how excited i am for womadelaide this year.
i am hanging out. its my favourite time of the year. and its only two weeks away.
i cant wait to forget about everything and just be at peace with myself for four days.
bring it on.

love surprises!

when i drove into the driveway from work this evening i spotted this
 hanging from our letter hole!
i had my fingers crossed as i got out of my car that this surprise was for me!
my lovely friend breanna left me this dress! and i little note with it. It made my day!
i have lovely friends :)
oh and it fits like a glove

kiss of death

im wanting this kiss of death dress by one teaspoon

the brains behind the blog fashiontoast (also a winner of the bloglovin award)
wears it just perfectly. actually amazingly. it looks like it would fit like a glove!

my william

introducing my william. he's the cutest. quite old now for a sheep!
he has the nobliest knees ive ever seen on a sheep :)

the loved one

Beautiful the Loved One pop up shop is just so lovely.
The flowers everywhere make it the sweetest thing ever. 
I wish I could have seen it!

fine as a bee's wing

She was a rare thing, fine as a bee's wing, so fine a breath of wind might blow her away

twigs & honey

this twigs & honey shoot makes me drool. everything is just so beautiful!!
and im crazy about that old desk with the machine! just wow.
my 21st this year will be garden party themed, so this is some nice inspiration!