i always feel odd posting pictures of myself. but i wanted to show you my earrings! haha
and please refrain from telling me i need a haircut :) i swear thats all people say these days!

i had the classic from mother dearest last week. 
the "your hair is getting long" but in a sad and concerned tone. haha love her.

so here begins the hugest week ever!!!!
here is my list of whats happening. shivers.

4 one50 dance concerts, they'll be so hectic, but so amazing!
1 grad show for uni, im so nervous! but i have a nice dress :)
1 brunch with the dance ladies
3 shifts at work, can't wait to leave the place!
1 matt corby gig. oh my dear lord i cannot wait
100,000,000 boxes to move out by sunday.
and my furniture too.

its my last week in the huntriss house. can't believe 2 years have gone so quick.
i am going to miss this old house so much! ill do some posts before we leave.
ive taken so many photos around the house, of the odd detailings and such. quirky!

and i don't know if ive mentioned, but next tuesday ill be flying to LA
wowzers! myself and 11 other dance girls are going on a trip!
but ill explain a little more in the next couple days :)

hope your days are super!!!!
i have to go by fabric for concerts and sort out travel money......oh dear.....

matt corby.

this guy. wow.
seriously just listen to it. now. 

sasha hearts paper

i am in love with absolutely everything she does.
there are no other words.
see for yourself here.

oh sasha prood, you are far too amazing!


i found an old usb with the oddest collection of pictures on it! here are some 
nice things i found on it for you to look at today :) hope its a nice one!

its overcast and sprinkling with rain here in adelaide.
its cool, but not freezing. my favourite weather.

isis print.

isis etsy

handmade AND eco friendly notebooks.
my new sketch books me thinks ;)


the lovely oh, hello friend posted about ten things she was thankful for.
i thought it was a lovely idea, as ive been mega stressed lately and i just want 
to make sure that i'm remembering all the amazing things that i've been blessed with.

so here is my list of things im thankful for.

life, how good can it be?
love, although it hurts its so beautiful
design, things can be so amazing and have so much potential
family, we bicker, but we're there for each other
dance, i love it, more than words!
god, i struggle, but he holds my heart and future!
friends, always there, keeping me in line and loving my wackyness!
books, k the internet is cool, but books are so rich and beautiful
health, ive been blessed with good health. i can not complain!
laughter and food, mainly dip and bacon :)

i think you should all join in and do this post :)
write a comment if you do so i can read yours!

much love monday


what i am loving at the moment is that I am free!
i haven't exactly tasted it yet, due to complete busyness.

but i am free of uni!!! all that is left is grad show. which is a party!
i can't wait for next year. to work with my passions, design, dance, love and youth.
its going to be amazing. 
and i love that i will not be bound by uni. as amazing as it was.
im so excited for all the things i can do!

on the wall.

im wrestling with myself.
i absolutely love and adore this calendar but I don't really use them.
I'm a diary girl, I have to have it with me, and I don't really write on the wall.

but its soooooo nice!

how is everybody today? im updating the website for work.
and thinking about the fact that I should be creating my own.
but im not. slack! ill get there. maybe late tonight/tomorrow morning.


iluxo etsy

absolutely loving these indoor terraniums by Score+Solder. 
I want them all! I'd love to fill them with succulents, from the greenest to the most desert.

so very cool!

you may have seen these before.
but i was looking at the today thinking of how wonderful it would be to
be at the beach. but alas i seem to be tied down eternally!! oh deary me.

soon. soon!!

a visual diary from uni a couple years ago. it was quite fun!

my brain is actually mush i think. it has a spazz out every hour. but its still mush.

4 days until ive handed/presented my last work. which is my portfolio. 
we each have a 20 minute "interview" presenting our portfolios and then its done.
20 minutes is going to be a decade i swear. im bad with nerves. so bad.
wish me luck??

these images are from a uni project, we were to design a christmas card for an adelaide
law firm. the die cut image is their logo. i wish i took a photo of it with nice light.

hope you are all well!