hello summer

not an entirely interesting post. but im hot and bothered. 
its 35 today in adelaide and i love winter. so im not enjoying this so much!
and poor bunny is so warm. he's inside in the cool with me at the moment. 
poor thing, we both love winter!

have a good day all!

anthropologie christmas

 alba piedmont ornament + many mittens garland

 fancy feathers ornament + warmest greetings wreath

 seasons fleetings wreath + downy mini tree

another anthropologie post. whoopsie :)
but their christmas decorations are geeeeoooooooorgeous
you must have a look!

antropologie my dear

horseshoe bay ring + a fine fete necklace

well thumbed book + paper sketch vase

recurring theme skirt + stilled night dress

anthropologie really have some loooooovely things as per usual! pity im saving. 
i am really and truely in love with the recurring theme skirt. so cute!

gary pepper vintage

how amazing is this workspace of the lovely nicole from gary pepper vintage!
i love the brightness of the stark walls, with the beautiful vintage fabrics.
and the inspiration board is very cute. makes me want to revamp my own.
or even make another one with more treats!!

this summer i think i will re-do my room. some how. not really sure?
i need to have a clean out though. also of what im not sure!
im not very good at letting go.

what are your workspaces like? busy? or not so?
mine is very busy. the clutter is good for me i think.
but i know my dad doesnt think clutter is as nice as i do :)

mr and mrs globe trot

so if this isnt the sweetest idea for a newly wed couple, i do not know what is!!!

Julia and Yuriy are both photographers from seattle, who got married not long ago at all. They pretty much packed themselves up straight after the wedding and are now travelling the world for the next six months. I think its just the greatest idea for a honeymoon ever! they've taken their beloved cameras with them and are documenting the journey so beautifully and creativy.
im in love with all the places they've been so far, montenegro has now been added to my large list of places that i must see. you should all go have a look for yourself.
 the photos are gorgeous!

and they have called themselves Mr and Mrs Globe Trot.
too cute!

leafy or lack of.

this tree out the front is now covered in beautiful bright green spring leaves.
so nice!


photo booth was discovered by the dance girls on my computer last monday
lets just say there are at least a hundred new photos on my mac. haha.
but its so much fun!!!

top kate moss

im a little bit in love with this collection from top shop.
well actually, maybe a lot in love.
i NEED this black one-shoulder lbd, in my warddrobe, now.

the sparkling evening dress, will be mine, and i will be a princess!

and my favourite is this floor length cream maxi. soooo beautiful.
and so simple, im going to keep my eye out for one, as its out of stock :(

mmmm thankyou top shop!