lou's invites

ive been working on the invites for my housemate lou's 21st. This is what I have so far.
I think im actually quite proud of them. I Really like the purple colour at the top!

bunt me

sorry about the bad iphone photos. 
but i made bunting for our nautical theme camp last night. FUN!

lacey tissues.

Im at uni right now for packaging design. And have completely filled a folder full of inspiration for my project. I am feeling rather into this project at the moment! but who knows what the end result will be. I might give you updates, if you're lucky.

This was designed by BAU. And it's amazing.

Making Magique

My loves, I need you to meet somebody wonderful. This is the lovely Haleigh from Making Magique. Her blog is a place full of wonder, pastels, paris, miu miu, macarons and amazement. I've been a reader of her blog for quite a while, and every time I click to her page my heart strings pull with a longing to have a life like hers. It looks absolutely magical. 

So basically I think ya'll should just head over and pine after the colours and glitter. Its good, real good.

I'm finally getting things sorted out for the website I've been updating. Getting the hang of it!
I start an intensive course for uni tomorrow, Packaging Design. I know it's going to be good, but I am so not inspired, or ready at all. I haven't really had any holidays yet, I've been so flat out. So yeh, feeling a little tired and under the weather. That's probably not the best start for  me to begin the intensive!

Have a lovely day, you lovely people!

love of my life

LOVE. that is all.



I'm thinking I might change things up around here in the next couple of days. I'm not really sure how just yet, but I think it's going to be a happening thing. I'm quite anxious and nervous about the prospect of the next six months. So I've been going crazy organising things over and over in my room, folding clothes and just generally distracting myself, so I think that a blog make over will hit the spot.

I'll back your pack

There are no words to describe how much i want this backpack.
I need new bags. I mean, I have handbags. Mighty heck i have handbags. But a lot of them are quite old or cute purses, that don't really fit my lifes belongings in them. So i'm in the search for a new handbag. Thats nice, and that will also fit my macbook in it. And for a backpack, that i can take to uni.
Well a back pack or a good bag that will fit my A3 cutting mat. haha. Love you uni. Oh and also the backpack will be my lifeline when i go to LA at the end of the year. 

Do y'all know of any good ones. That are decent priced? Let me know what you're in love with at the moment. Id love to hear!


Some lovely images from Emerson Merrick to brighten your day.
I sure need it.

I am running on very little sleep this week. I got over a scatchy cold on the weekend. but today it has decided to come back so im not very happy about that. Considering I will be up all night writing an essay. I am very excited to hand up my last assignment next wednesday. The feeling will be great!

How are you all? great i hope!

give me gibbs!

a bit of eye candy for all you NCIS lovers.
can i get a RI REEEEOOOOOOW!
gibbs back in the day. wow

love boots

i want these vintage boots sooooooo darn bad.
but they won't fit me. if only, oh. if only.
and they're only 20 bucks. damn one size larger feet.

georgette half pleat

i want this orla kiely dress, so darn bad. its actually perfect.
if i wasn't trying to pay for flights right now i would so be wearing it.
darn it.

georgette half pleat dress. 393 pounds. sad face.