I'll back your pack

There are no words to describe how much i want this backpack.
I need new bags. I mean, I have handbags. Mighty heck i have handbags. But a lot of them are quite old or cute purses, that don't really fit my lifes belongings in them. So i'm in the search for a new handbag. Thats nice, and that will also fit my macbook in it. And for a backpack, that i can take to uni.
Well a back pack or a good bag that will fit my A3 cutting mat. haha. Love you uni. Oh and also the backpack will be my lifeline when i go to LA at the end of the year. 

Do y'all know of any good ones. That are decent priced? Let me know what you're in love with at the moment. Id love to hear!

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