my loves life is so busy! but i think its good!
so sorry for the lack of interesting posts. hopefully i can write a few today and store them up for later!

i got this scarf for my birthday. which i totally haven't even told you about!
its a lovely scarf :) my new favourite. more pics to come!

agrn you kidding me?

Im loving this typeface, ARGN, by sindsindsind.
I'm seriously thinking about buying it. starting at $20 it aint that bad!
I always struggle to find an uppercase san serif with curves that looks pretty.
can you fall in love with type? i may just have done that.

mr and mrs

There is no man more perfect than he, one day i will be mrs lauren franco.

oh margie.

nothing like drawing a bit of margaret thatcher on a wednesday afternoon.

Corporate ID

just a snippet from our corporate ID project at uni.
I'm feeling very nervous about this project. My first concepts needed a lot of work and i've spent way too long trying to fix things. Now I feel like it's a little too simple. But I'm actually quite happy with the type i've chosen. I'm still not sure about colours. My class suggested warmer colours but I just can't seem to get the right ones. Let me know what you think. Please!

(oh and its the ID for a organic and recycled packaging company)

The type for TRICYCLE is: Orator Std
The type for the secondary text is: Prophecy Script

I got them both from


sorry ive been absent my lovelies.
ive been at a design conference (agideas) for the last week in melbourne.
Its wonderful. I have two days of the trip left.
Any suggestions of where I can go in melbs?

I'm loving the street art. No matter how many times I come, I always find new stuff!