they're leaving.

the blossom trees are all nearly blossomless again. oh dear.
i shall miss them for the next year!


some of my old film photos i found amongst the buried!

enjoy your afternoons. i have a spanish 21st this evening.
fun! i finally get to wear my vintage spanish-ish dress!

lauren doughty

ive posted about lauren doughty and her amazingness before, but if you're
new and haven't seen her work definitely go and check it out.
her photos with film are uniquely beautiful and her fine lines and colour
in her lovely illustrations and the most amazing things!

have a look.


i have no idea where this is from, but i think its amazing
does anybody know who its by?

happy monday!


some old random journal bits and pieces.
hope you are all having a relaxing sunday. 


we're building sites at uni today.
my brain is definitely not in working mode!


i accidently deleted my other blog header. and now i cant find it. so here is a fill in one. and because i did that now i changed the layout. so maybe ill start doing some renovations around here. we'll see :) hope you've all had lovely days.

sunny bunny

blog world, meet sunny bunny.
aint he the cutest.


source unknown, sorry

i cant wait for womadelaide 2011, seriously.
its going to be amazing.
such a relaxing and beautiful 4 days!

katie daisy.

how good is katie daisy?

i hope you all have a lovely day today. mine is busy. 
so i cant wait to get home, and into my comfy bed

unwritten features

well this pretty much sums up how ive been feeling at the moment!
just busy, coasting along not really enjoying myself greatly but just filling in
the requirements as i am asked to. life is pretty hectic at the moment!
i know its nannaish but all i want is to stay home for one or two days,
to potter around the garden, relax on my couch, and eat the fridge out.
but its either uni or work everyday. and then some.

lets hope some refreshing time is heading my way soon.


im really appreciating people in my life at the moment.
like i always have, but for some reason now im really noticing the people who
show genuine concern, care and kindness. They are real gems.
i must be a lucky lucky girl!
"i know ill always be blessed with love"
nice one robbie williams!

but im tired. two hours sleep was not enough for me. so im not
appreciating the business of life right now!

love this.

i love this as a background. 
but its bad when your own work gives you 
sore eyes and a headache. i think ive been looking
at it for a little bit too long.

mine please?

so i just found this country house in ireland,
and im just putting it out there, but how AMAZING is it?!?!
scroll through the many pics :)

the kitchen cupboards are just what i want in my house!

i can definitely picture myself sitting out here with a cup of tea and a book!

mmm downstairs den library.

if i could marry a bathroom, it would be this one!

hello amazing!

so not only is this amazing house in ireland, but its just a fantastic place!
i love the morrocan influence that just blends so well with the country theme 
and all of the beautiful wooden pillars and lines.

i found it here