unwritten features

well this pretty much sums up how ive been feeling at the moment!
just busy, coasting along not really enjoying myself greatly but just filling in
the requirements as i am asked to. life is pretty hectic at the moment!
i know its nannaish but all i want is to stay home for one or two days,
to potter around the garden, relax on my couch, and eat the fridge out.
but its either uni or work everyday. and then some.

lets hope some refreshing time is heading my way soon.


  1. I can understand that! I hope its uni holidays for you soon. I spend all my course doing the minimum to pass in order to get rid of assignments, no trying to acheive, life eh!

  2. thanks for the comment on my blog! amy is the best.

    how have i not ever come across your blog before? it's lovely! x