anthropology christmas 14

Anthropologies christmas pieces make me swoon every year. 
Everything is just too cute ya know?

Especially that little racoon ornament. I NEED THAT!
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AMERICA NOTES | part one

This was Iowa. We began our travels, excited in anticipation of the six weeks of adventure ahead of us. It was spent with close friends and the friends that are more like family. We breathed in air that felt more clean than ever before. We found rivers lined by the most tall and beautiful leaves with lucious leaves that we're beginning to dry out with the end of summers heat. We laughed nightly over meals shared and games played before heading to bed with no expectation of what tomorrow might bring other than more joy in experiencing what life had for us in that moment. 

Iowa was beautiful. I am desperate to not forget any moment of that time.

AMERICA NOTES | part one

Lauren May xx

pinterest picks.

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A few dreamy interiors that I have been drooling over on pinterest of late. I can't wait to finally have a place of my own with the freedom to change a space however I like. Renting is super fun, and I don't have the funds right now. But if anyone has a house they'd like to donate to me for free id love to take it off of your generous hands….please?

How are you all today? My day has involved resting, a cosy home made breakfast with my house mate and her man, and a spot of baking. I have to work tonight (joy) so I'm trying to recharge as much as I can before I go. I had a small vein operation on thursday also so I'm hoping that I can stand long enough at work to be helpful. We shall see how that goes!

It is raining here in Adelaide, and it is lovely.
I hope you all have a wonderful evening!

Lauren May xo

currently crushing.

I just want to get my hands on everything on the website. I will have to save my pennies due to international shipping rates but you NEED to go check out all of the cuteness!! Do it now!!