here's a sneaky little preview of my personal identity project for uni xx


Obviously I don't know him, which breaks my heart.
But meet my boyfriend Max Irons. I first met him when I watched Red Riding Hood.
He is just so darn beautiful, and I am considering turning crazy stalker just to meet him.

Just kidding.

But Seriously.........

hello beautiful people. Im sorry for my absence of late, sadly my grandfather passed away after a few months of struggle, so the last month has been crazy and hectic.
I miss him a lot, and worry about my grandmother and how she is coping. But i'm loving looking through all of the amazing photos that we had never seen before. He was such a handsome man. And he had such a love for helping people and he was so smart. He did so much for agriculture in Australia. 
We are all very proud of him. So proud.

Miss you grandpa.

hopefully ill get back into the blogging asap. Im on holidays for two weeks, then im back at uni for my last term. EVER. so i might be a bit frazzled. but ill try!

my garden is in full bloom. its lovely.
sorry i havent been around of late, theres been a lot going on.
ill explain shortly.