i feel like i did pretty well on the whole movember thing yeh??

pinterest picks.

here are some beauties for your day!!!
It was so stinkin hot yesterday in adelaide. 40. is that even allowed?
and then this morning i wake up to beautiful rain and a breeze!!!!! (much prefered)

I'm on the hunt for a new sketchbook ;)
but it has to be a nice one......help a brother out?

Kathmandu Branding

Strategy Design + Advertising were the brains behind this rebranding. Sweet.

Seriously good rebranding. I dont know if you remember the old logo?
this one tops it for sure! 

pinterest: weekly update

im thinking about making some personalised ones of these as presents for christmas. how cute could they be hanging on the tree and around the house??

lemon. the best flavour. in the world.

presents....way to be beautiful! i may switch the colours to olive green, gold, and burnt orange for christmas and have a bit of fun with my wrapping this season!!!!

a few of my pinterest updates of late!!!

Julia Trotti

these lovely photos are the work of Julia Trotti. She's amazing. There's not much else I could say!

Julia is a superb fashion photographer from sydney. But as you can see her talent excels much more than fashion. I feel like everything she does is just so dreamy!!!!! The light in her photos and the love behind each one. So good. I can only dream of taking the same!

I do also enjoy her generosity! Julia posts "free curve fridays" which are the total best free curves for photoshop! I have downloaded and fallen in love with so many. You need to go to her blog and find out for yourself! I have spent so long scrolling and not having a life of my own......but i sacrifice that for the fact that I'm always super inspired after I have a read :)

How have you all been? I miss commenting and reading and such. I'm trying to be better though :)

port adelaide.

these photos were taken back in september, on a trip to port adelaide.
it really is a beautiful place, but not many people stop to enjoy it. they really should!
the blossoms are beautiful, and ive never seen such amazing yarn bombing! 
(i have photos....which i shall post....if i havent already, i cant remember)

truely sorry about my being the worst blogger in history.
my brain is a mass of fog these last months. i have seen a lot of beautiful things though!

i need a post-it note on my forehead reminding me of everything i swear.
so terrible.

fingers crossed ill be better at it from now.....
(famous last words....)

so many bright colours around the place.
still haven't figured out this post replying though. 
its really frustrating me! im sorry i can't comment on all your posts on your blogs!

amy merrick.

i dont think i will ever get over how amazing amy merrick is.
ive posted about her multiple times before.
but theres always something new and beautiful to see!!!!! 
so inspiring.

in other news, blogger is being a biddy! 
i keep trying to comment on posts but its telling me i need to choose a profile to post from.
so i go to choose one but there's no options, even though im signed in....so confused! 
I want to comment!!!!

double jonquils, fresh from the garden.
oh the smell of spring is on its way!

meet my precious little luca.
isn't he the most perfect thing ever?!?!?!