Julia Trotti

these lovely photos are the work of Julia Trotti. She's amazing. There's not much else I could say!

Julia is a superb fashion photographer from sydney. But as you can see her talent excels much more than fashion. I feel like everything she does is just so dreamy!!!!! The light in her photos and the love behind each one. So good. I can only dream of taking the same!

I do also enjoy her generosity! Julia posts "free curve fridays" which are the total best free curves for photoshop! I have downloaded and fallen in love with so many. You need to go to her blog and find out for yourself! I have spent so long scrolling and not having a life of my own......but i sacrifice that for the fact that I'm always super inspired after I have a read :)

How have you all been? I miss commenting and reading and such. I'm trying to be better though :)

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