a bit of flower loving for you. because thats how i roll.

its so rainy. and i love it. too perfect.

pajamas acquired.
hot water bottle is roasty and toasty.
bed covers parted.
B52's costume sadly removed.
can't be bothered removing excessive eye makeup.
ill wash my pillows in the morning.

a grand night :)

plait fun with beautiful courtney

my favourites :)
little sophie
medium lauren
big tom

bunting and bunny fun with the lovely sophie!

CLW logo 2012

This here be a logo I've knocked up for a youth camp in july.
Probably my favourite week of the year!
So excited. 7 weeks of organising left then we're there!

Anyway the theme is quite obviously "and if our God is for us"
taken from Romans 8:31.
but seriously, if he's for us......what can stand against?


designed for a tattoo artists by Print&Grain.

letterpress........sucks me in everytime.
Just please forgive the sneaky rude cursive ad the bottom.

right now is lovely.

new blog segment yay! so this has come from me just feeling so thankful and blessed of late. which is an amazing place to be in.
my heart has just been really happy. and I thought it could be something fun and inspiring to add to my blog. you've all seen these sorts of posts before, but it's also just a bit of reflection for myself!
I encourage you all to do this! Not just for the readers of your blog, but as a time for you to sit and think about wonderful things, and be thankful!


not specifically any book at the moment. which makes me so sad! but i've been reading up on a bunch of things for work. which is interesting. 
oh but always the bible, thats a given :) some inspiring things from that of late!

listening to.....
right now, brooke fraser. so lovely. so so lovely! but also city and colour. 16 days until I get to see the beautiful face of dallas green and fall into a dream listening to his voice!

new girl. always. I think i am actually her. but lauren....not jess. weird?

oh dear. paying bills and parking fines and regos......sad face!
but i'm going to the bookstore before work today, and I may peek into a few dress stores :)

my company and the quality time I get with people. honestly my heart has had the full feeling of love and happiness lately. its amazing. and I can't help but smile whenever I think of the beautiful people that are filling my days. Its so wonderful. I love them so much!

Sunshine Award :)

wow I am so sorry for my lack of being around! there are so many posts stored up in my head, but I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to post any of them! 

BUT ALAS! while I was away (goodness knows where) the lovely polly from a rowan tree (one of my absolute favourites) was kind enough to give me a Sunshine Award! 
Which is lovely!

The Sunshine Award recgonises creativity and positivity. These two things make such beautiful things together! And I feel blessed and happy that Polly thought of me to pass this award on to! I get crazy busy and that gets in the way of me blogging, but I so love posting and reading through the creative blog world. So much beauty, pretty, lovely and inspiration!

Sunshine Award questions: 
Favourite colour - green. or glitter......can that be a favourite colour?
Favourite animal - I have always loved horses, and birds, and kittens.
Favourite non-alcoholic drink - Well I love coffee. A lot. But I also love sparkling apple juice. Yummo!
Facebook or twitter - Facebook, I have twitter, but I'm horrible at it!
Getting or giving presents - I love giving presents! A lot!
Favourite flower - Um it changes ALL the time. At the moment though, lilacs. So sweet!
Favourite pattern I swear the pattern of my blood would be floral, but in my work, more so triangles!
Passion - oh everything! design, flowers, music, connection, LOVE! and heart.
Favourite number - 9. I think it's a cute number :)

So now it is my turn to pass it on to some wonderful people! Here we are :)
1. Lauren, of Lozalicious
2. Peter, of WTFONG?
3. Jess, of Lovely Green Lily
4. Krystal, of Krystal Lee
5. Caity, of Caity Says

Enjoy! And I promise I'll get back into posting. NOW!