old timer

i have a love for old post cards. i don't understand why anyone would throw them out!

i found these in my favourite antique store in tanunda.
its hard to get there though, only open on weekends and public holidays.
which is of course when i work a lot!

it seems odd to be looking at such old photos while others are thinking so much about the
future with new years eve upon us. i just love all of the writing on the postcards.
its so nice to have peoples memories like this!

weekday carnival

loving all of the colours and shapes in weekday carnivals shop.
ive always been a very floral, sweet sort of girl. but i am fascinated by geometrics at the moment!
its fun to mix flowers and shapes together :) 

give me MOR

to put it simply, the packaging that entwines MOR's cosmetics just makes me swoon.
thats all there is too it.
the patterns, oh my, and they reflect the fragrences so well.
bravo, well done MOR designers, can i join you?

aussie twist

renya xydis created this little look for a sass & bide london fashion week show.

i love it because its so messy and has nice texture with the braids.
pity my hair is so fine, i can never pull off looks like this. 
i can braid, but my hair is too fine to look so full when its up like that.
ill just stare at these pics a little longer and imagine my hair like this shall i!


i would love to be picking beautiful berries, and baking sweet pies.
but im not that lucky! where could i do this in adelaide?
with an old style kitchen with creaky chairs and plaid table cloths?

marchesa 2

i know i just posted one by this designer but here goes
another marchesa post. you can never have too many!
wolf cub posted about a few of these dresses.
and i wanted to show you why.
all i can say is, heck mageck.


i was alerted to marchesa's website by the amazing wolf cub,
and whilst browsing through the designs, i've discovered that 
the majority of my favourite red carpet gowns have been by them!

nice :) this one above is my favourite!

if this had been my formal gown, i would have been in heaven.
and i would have won best dressed. duh.