dear pretty people.
i think it is time that you find out who my housemates are. i talk about them, but there are never any faces to names. they are lovely.
ashleigh is the bestest. we match at life, even though we dont.
louise is smart, i am not.
rachel ashleigh and i love to do puzzles. we are the masters.
rachel ashleigh and i never fail to have fun. three peas in a pod.
we love peanut butter. on everything.

that is all for now as my computer wont let me upload anything else.
have a lovely day everybody!

cutie mc cute!

now i just had to share these photos with you! they have been on my computer for so long. they are a pick me up for me! this little panda is the cutest thing by far. this cheeky little cub wen li was trying to get out of her crib while her twinnie ya li was playing quitely.
i got these photos ages ago of ninemsn.
but if you adore her little face have a look here. theres a few more photos and some of her sissie too :)
im so attached, and all ive seen are photos. but they're such cuties!
i hope my future babies will look like these!

also, yet another giveaway!
this one is over on fleur avenue. such a good blog. she finds the cutest things. this giveaway is great i love the necklace. i have entered so i think you all should too!

clickety click

ugh. uni started at 8. and i finish at 1230. my eyes are so sore. its computer studio which equals endless staring at a computer screen and click click clicking.
i think im just cranky because my work is taking so long! its far too detailed. bad decision by me! but it will look nice in the end fingers crossed.
just right now......shoot me.

oh bee oh my

oh deary me ive been flat out and im a terrible blogger for not posting. but you will all survive. or will you?
honestly though i dont feel like ive been busy. but nothing is getting done and i seem to be rushing from thing to thing so maybe i am?? and i think somethings wrong with me. im just exhausted all the time for no reason. i pretty much had a whole week of rest last week and you think i would be bouncing of the walls by now. buuuuuut im not.
on a happier note though one of my fellow bloggers is having a stupendous giveaway! it all looks too lovely! have a look at her blog here and all of her wonderful things in her store. just comment on the post if you like the look of her stuff and are interested in the possibility of winning. i know i am! the gilded bee is such a lovely blog. only a recent discovery of mine but i want everything that she posts about. greed is a sin i know but i cant help it! i wouldnt call it greed anyways.....more like severe wanting.
im off to bed now! i will try and get some sleep. i have an assignment due tomorrow and i am not happy with my work so hopefully im not too restless :(
goodbye lovely people and see you tomorrow!
ps here are some pictures of the gilded bee's lovely things!

oh ginger.

im just wanting to let you all know that gingerlillytea, one of the most lovely photographers ever, is hosting a giveaway. head over to her blog here, or her facebook here, and have a looksie. if you havent seen her stuff you must. NOW. i seem to post frequently about her, but seriously, i want to live in her photos. so have a look, if you win the giveaway you will get to choose a print for yourself from her etsy store, which is here.
you'll fall in love, i know it.

cutie bootie

so the thing is, i want these. on my feet. right now.
heck. why am i so broke. it hurts so bad to look at these cuties knowing that my wallet is empty and that its not going to fill up any time soon.
the lovelies are vivienne westwood for melissa.
how about vivienne westwood and melissa for lauren.
check em out.
75 pounds on asos
129 dollars on akira

green thumb

oh the busy times of life! i have absolutely no motivation for anything. by the time ive read my favourite blogs im too tired to do anything about my own! ugh. uni is too full on. but hey. my career is pretty important so i guess ill stick with it!
on a fun note this sunday is our housewarming. we've been here for a few months but after people continually asking if there was to be a heating of the house we've decided to have one. it will be good. i hope!
so in the spirit of homes these pictures are a few from my house. its really old fashioned with beautiful fire places and cornices.  i love it to pieces. my perfect home. pity its only a rental! and the backyard is huge! i have filled all the pots that the owners left with flowers, which are looking lovely at the moment. I planted mostly potted plants but im trying to grow my own seeds as well. They're sprouting at the moment but should have flowers in about five weeks im hoping! fingers crossed. the backyard is grass but the border has trees and rose bushes oh and grape vines as well. the roses were lovely when they were blossoming but they've calmed down now. but now the bulbs are all starting to arise! there are some bright red flowering bulbs popping out everywhere at the moment. they are really quite nice. ive never seen them before but ill try and get a photo.
i was never much of a green thumb when i lived with my parents. i loved gardens but i would always get stuck with just the weeding which wasnt much fun at all. but now that i have control its so much fun! and i love it. its quite relaxing. and knowing that im growing it all and succeeding is a nice feeling too.
i hope your days are going lovely. give me a message if you're reading and let me know about your blogs so i can have a looksie! i need some inspiration and you lovelies always help with that! bye you pretty things xx

long time no speak

oh dear! it has been so long since i last posted. honestly though i have been absolutely flat out. i am tre exhausted! uni started back on the first of march and this last weekend i spent at womadelaide.
on a side note how cute is the sportsgirl websites background just above?? its lovely!

uni has started off with a bang. i feel overloaded with work and assignments already. they're good though, but i can hardly keep my eyes open anymore! i swear every night i go to post something but i just can not be bothered because the screen makes me sleepy!

womadelaide was soooooooo much fun though! i volunteered so i got to go to the whole weekend free! and its a four day weekend too! i worked in the woshop selling merchandise and such. it was great fun. i got to meet so many lovely people and i had a ball. there were some amaaaazing artists playing over the festival. actually. all of them were rather amazing! some that played are: Calexico, Mairtin O'Conner Trio, Ethiopiques, Ross Daly, Grrilla Step, The Skatelites, Mama Kin, Dean & Britta, Vorn Doolette, The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, Xavier Rudd & Izintaba, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Babylon Circus, Los Amigos Invisibles, The Armada, Tim Finn, Ravi Shankar.
thats only a few of the names too! but i honestly had a ball. babylon circus are a french band and they are so much fun to dance to! and while i was working the lead singer came into the shop and he signed my shirt! which meant he had to touch my shoulder. he touched my shoulder. amazing :) oh and i got a hug from one of the players in hypnotic brass. they are rather spectacular also!
If you live in australia i totally suggest coming to womadelaide! ive been a few times and it keeps getting better. apparently its the biggest womad second to england which is a huge success for adelaide!
there are markets, amazing food, arts and of course music. and its pretty much a hippy festival. everyone is so relaxed and i just danced my feet off! the chai tent is like heaven also. i could spend my life in there!

there arent many photos uploaded of this years (i didnt take any :S) but here are some from last years womad!

cat empire yeh! i was in that crowd somewhere :)
all womad photos are from their flickr

oh and i got a henna tattoo!!! i love them. i think im going to get a kit and try doing some myself.
this photo still has the mixture on so hopefully i can get a photo of the actual tattoo. you're meant to leave the mixture on for as long as possible so it can sink under the skin.

scarf attack

my housemate ash thought it would be a nice idea to try on all of my scarves. bad idea. all the odd fifty of them. i think she looks great!