oh bee oh my

oh deary me ive been flat out and im a terrible blogger for not posting. but you will all survive. or will you?
honestly though i dont feel like ive been busy. but nothing is getting done and i seem to be rushing from thing to thing so maybe i am?? and i think somethings wrong with me. im just exhausted all the time for no reason. i pretty much had a whole week of rest last week and you think i would be bouncing of the walls by now. buuuuuut im not.
on a happier note though one of my fellow bloggers is having a stupendous giveaway! it all looks too lovely! have a look at her blog here and all of her wonderful things in her store. just comment on the post if you like the look of her stuff and are interested in the possibility of winning. i know i am! the gilded bee is such a lovely blog. only a recent discovery of mine but i want everything that she posts about. greed is a sin i know but i cant help it! i wouldnt call it greed anyways.....more like severe wanting.
im off to bed now! i will try and get some sleep. i have an assignment due tomorrow and i am not happy with my work so hopefully im not too restless :(
goodbye lovely people and see you tomorrow!
ps here are some pictures of the gilded bee's lovely things!

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