dear pretty people.
i think it is time that you find out who my housemates are. i talk about them, but there are never any faces to names. they are lovely.
ashleigh is the bestest. we match at life, even though we dont.
louise is smart, i am not.
rachel ashleigh and i love to do puzzles. we are the masters.
rachel ashleigh and i never fail to have fun. three peas in a pod.
we love peanut butter. on everything.

that is all for now as my computer wont let me upload anything else.
have a lovely day everybody!


  1. peanut butterrrrrrrrrrrrr

    you are too smart!

    i need to meet Rachel :/ i never have.

    you are very very pretty

  2. You guys look like such a fun bunch!
    Happy easter!