happy easter lovely people!
i hope your good friday and day off was well spent.
i have enjoyed mine with friends, their family, and now my family.
and have now enjoyed looking over some family photos. here are some, i love looking back on childhood photos. fun times!

have lovely times!


  1. I've always loved that photo of your dad and Ryan w/ the glasses! super cute. and look how cute my boyfriend issssss in that family photo :D you're super cute in your dress too :) i can't believe how different the house/property looks now!

    I remember last Easter with your family... your mom gives the cutest gift bags, I got a cupcake book and I made that honey ham!!! Mmm

    I wanted to do something nice for Easter but I don't know if that's going to happen, I gots da flu, but I hope it goes away in time. I was going to dye eggs w/ your bro but I dont think that'll happen in time now :(

  2. you are completely your mums daughter! awesome resemblance!

  3. haha i know right.
    i look exactly as she did at this age.
    love it!