hello lovely people.
how are we all on this fine day? its not actually fine in adelaide but its cloudy and chilly. my favourite!
its been a long morning. ive been at uni for hours and am still here for a couple more. but its ok. im loving the project that we're doing right now. its basically just an 8 page spread for something. a magazine layout, childrens books or promotional booklet. something like that.
im doing eight pages for the frankie magazine. its so much fun because ive always admired the layout of frankie. it is one of the reasons why i buy it. and the pictures and everything else.
so heres one spread that i just finished. all i need to do is figure out the text properly. i just rambled on so i knew what it looked like with the block of text. 
do you like it? 


  1. good job Lauren! i like the layout for sure. just proofread :p i've never heard of Frankie magazine!

    look at mi blog -- embarrassing photos of you! :D and me. from Easter years past

  2. Well done! The spread looks fantastic. makes me want to visit Adelaide again.