i would like to live here please and thankyou.

the owners of this beautiful old old house bought it back in the early 90's. they used all of their savings to buy it. which i would do too! how cute is it! so between having children and time passing they've decorated it with bits and pieces. they have done everything themselves.
the random unmatching furniture and the cute flowers and shabby sheek are exactly what i want in my house. plus its in the peak district of england.
im so intensley jealous.
one day i shall move to england and live in a house like this!
i will have my horse in a cute old stable, chickens, a veggie garden, fresh flowers on the table, and a lovely husband.
if this doesnt happen my life will be miserable.

have a look at the article about it here

and i was alerted of this beautiful house over at brenda's blog fleur avenue. its an amazing blog! every single post of hers has amazing photos and things that i fall in love with. have a looksie!

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  1. ooh yup yup i saw that on there too! :) i loved it. i like that you put a pic of the actual house, i like that the most! i wonder if her husband really is fond of the pink and hearts and all!! most guys wouldnt :p i like it!!!