aaaaaaaaaahhhh its been a while hasnt it!
last week i was on a camp, i was helping organise it with a few others. it went so well! i had such a great time and all the campers loved it. well we're hoping they did. they were all smiles though!
so now im home and super tired. but nice.
yesterday was one of my housemates birthdays. this morning we went out for breakfast and then to the gilles street markets in adelaide. they are my favourite. and only on once a month now that its getting cooler. i bought some nice things :)
a little box for 7
a new scarf for 6
a present for laura :)
and this dress. i love it! it belonged to the mother of the girl i bought it off of. it fits like a glove.
this afternoon i must wash my car. i have to. and do all of my washing from the camp.
its sprinkling with rain which is nice,
now im off to make a coffee and eat some yummy bread!
what has everyone been up to?


  1. *another* scarf?!?!

    ... a present for laura?! me laura or another laura?

  2. oooh yay! :D i got a pressie for you too recently. I have a few things I've been accumulating to send you for your birthday hopefully!

    p.s. i forgot to mention, i LOVE that dress!! it's very 90s, but thats in with the indie kinda style right now. super sweet. looks great on you! I'd style that with a sweet pink sweater and light pink tights :p i wanna go op-shoppin with youuuuuuuu when i come ok!?

    p.p.s my new thing is hair bows! check them outttt

  3. oh niiiiiiiiice. i cant wait to give presents when you come over!!!
    and we shall MOST DEFINITELY go op shopping together.
    i actually think the dress is earlier than the nineties. it belonged to the mother of the girl i bought it off. so im actually thinking 70's. ill have a look at the tag though when i get home.
    hair boooowwwwws I LOVE THEM