i have had such a lovely few days! uni finished yesterday for two weeks. yay! i dont have a whole bunch of free time but it will be nice not to think about uni for a little bit.
i went to the beach and ikea one day with two of my lovely ladies, rach and jess. we visited a chocolate shop too and had amaaaaaaaazing treats. there are some pictures down further. its called bracegirdles, and its on jetty road at glenelg for you adelaidians. it was SO good.

this is my new toy. and it was only 12.95 which is such a bargain! it will take four photos in quick succession with one click and put them all on one 4x6 print. ive seen them around but for much more money so this one is a steal! cheaper than three roles of film!
hopefully ill get some photos done soon so i can show you. i hope they work


  1. OMGGGGG boats of melted chocolate, i want to swim in them!!! drool.
    that camera looks neato, and whata steal! i can't wait to see what it does. I need to buy film for my fisheye I got to see what that looks like!