she just switched photos streams on flickr to match her blog, but these are her old photos.
her new flickr, here
and her pretty blog, demure folk

help. please?

just some drawings for my uni journal..

so i have some questions. can anybody help me figure out how to get a background on my blog?? ive seen heaps and i love them but i cant figure out how to do it on mine. i want the white in the centre with the writing and pictures, but then a panel on either side with some sort of background.
help. please?

garden party

gingerlillytea is having a giveaway.
the cutest little childrens sets. i think you should probably have a good look!


im working all day on the macs at uni today. so if there is an overload of posts from me i apologise in advance. i will be sneaking 5 minutes here and there to look at pretty things to make this day more bearable. so then i will share them with you. most likely

how lovely is the photography of candace meyer

just thought i would let you all know that much love has just announced a giveaway. the prize is a lovely set by the gilded bee. her paper goods and stationary are amazingly cute. have a looksie, and i think you all should enter. here are some of the pretty things you could win:

to enter go here :)

field days

i want to spend time in a field with someone who cares for me like i for them, with cameras and a fitting dress. talking about what matters most, and what we will do together.

i hast six cameras. and i want more! a collection like this. i need some more money of course. but i will get there. slowly but surely im building my little cute army of moment snappers!
these are from this ladies blog, forever is today. she has the pleasure of owning them all!

if anybody knows of some cheap camera dealers or websites let me know. or different and interesting cameras! here are a couple that i drool over

an absolutely brilliant dealer. such good prices and such pretty cameras!
adelaide central markets.
theres a little camera store in there with loadsa oldies!
nice polaroids
is always a nice browse
and generally

i have an interview for a part time job in half an hour. its nothing special, but im nervous. i guess thats how it is with any job. wish me luck xx
(this is me and jessie)

i went to tegan and sara the other night at the thebby in adelaide.
it was actually amazing. for real. i knew they would be great. i have faith in them as they are my favourites. but they were soooo much better! i had the best time. it was great. i pretty much only have good things to say about it. so if you're a fan and have a chance to see them. do it. you'll love it.
oh and ps i went with chan.

i gave my mother a lovely wall piece for mothers day. they're building onto their house so it will look pretty on the new walls. its a metal vine frame with sweet dusty roses and little leaves on it. and a few candle holders. i wrapped it in brown paper and a ribbon. i love how it looks. who needs expensive wrapping! then i drew this little motif on her card. i think it looks nice with the brown paper. i love using pen on watercolour paper. it makes it so much better. although this photo doesnt really do it justice.

this is the final. i hope.

i guess im happy with it. although to be honest i dont really care any more! i rushed the photo montages. i didnt montage very much! but i just want to hand the darn thing up so i can focus on my other studio work.
i really need to get a mac. my work could be so much better if i had a mac at home to do it on. instead of coming into uni at odd hours of the day to try and find a spare mac in the computer rooms. but i dont have any money to buy one so its a dily of a pickle!
enjoy your day. i will. im gonna have a gooood nap when i get home. but i have studio now!

my garden says hello

it is such a beautiful monday today. theres a fresh breeze and the sky is such a pretty blue. i took the morning off uni today as my head is a bit groggy, and i have a million things to do before tomorrow. i will be going to uni at 7am tomorrow. is that terrible or what?
so these are a few little pictures from my garden. the lawn is absolutely huge after the rains last week and is getting mowed on wednesday. it will look amazing after that. the roses are out and the bulbs are up. so pretty!
ps the pink flowers i grew from little seeds. i didnt think id be able to do it but they are alive and well!