so im thinking, when i get enough followers, and over a thousand blog views. id like to start doing giveaways, or swaps or things like that. its so fun to recieve mail, especially when its fun crafty things. things that make your heart smile :) what do you think? yes? a good idea?
maybe. im keeping my fingers crossed. its also such a good way to get your work out there!

the photos are from a friend pubcrawl the other night. we didnt study the course, geology, we just went because the theme was pirates! how exciting! the chose it because of the rock pyrite, which is fools gold. hence "pyrites of the carribean, fools gold"

i hope everyone is well :)


  1. Hi, I'm following you now :-) Fun blog. One of my granddaughters is crazy for skulls too. I created a girlie skull bag for some of the bath salts I sell at my online shop it's one of her favorite things. Wishing you happiness and Lots of followers. Katherine

  2. I completely agree! i want to do giveaways and stuff, but I'm like err but with 23 followers? lameo.

    lameo looks like lamo, and makes me want some lamingtons

    p.s. if you like snail mail, why didnt you join my exchange! you loser. haha.

    pyrites haha clever