this uni project is due next week. im a little behind because of the holidays, and i dont have the latest version of adobe sweet so ive had to do it all at uni which is hard! i hope you like the spreads so far. but they are far from done! i have a photo montage left, a vector illustration and a digital illustration. no idea where ill fit it in though. 
with the handdrawn spread; do you think it looks better with the second page covered in full text, or should i leave the top half blank. please help i dont know! although i think i like it blank. give me your opinions please :)

hope your days are lovely xx


  1. you're so clever. it makes me jealous.
    but i do like it blank- i love how you've done it.
    soo cool.

  2. hm. either works.... i guess the blank looks uniform with the other pages just having half texts, but then its also like hey is there supposed to be a picture? hmm....i guess i like it blank though. the top page looks great :)

  3. it looks great Lauren! like it could come straight out of frankie! xx

  4. I love the blossoms, so pretty!