this is the final. i hope.

i guess im happy with it. although to be honest i dont really care any more! i rushed the photo montages. i didnt montage very much! but i just want to hand the darn thing up so i can focus on my other studio work.
i really need to get a mac. my work could be so much better if i had a mac at home to do it on. instead of coming into uni at odd hours of the day to try and find a spare mac in the computer rooms. but i dont have any money to buy one so its a dily of a pickle!
enjoy your day. i will. im gonna have a gooood nap when i get home. but i have studio now!

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  1. wtheck that's me!! haha, i was so confused for a second. i look like a little meadow nymph.

    soooo it looks good!!! but i would say read over and proofread bc theres a few accidental grammar mistakes!

    and bigggg question... is that Latin?!??!!? HUH? so confused!!!

    also, sooooo told ya to get a Mac! and your fam's computer dude said no no pc's can do the same thing. and your mom was like ya save money. but muaha, see, macs are better :p

    oh, yea, and the floral illustration is SO neat! it needs to be a rubber stamp. or on greeting cards. it's very marketable!!