cheshire smile

i honestly dont feel like ive relaxed properly in such a long time. if i ever have a couple of hours to sit on the couch, generally ill be doing homework at the same time or stressing about something else.
as much as the heat bothers me, i cant wait til summer. Ill have the stress of final year coming up, but i wont have any homework, i wont have much to bother about, other than work work, which is easy breezy because i dont have to take it home with me. 
and im heading to melbourne with a really good friend, which will be fabulous!

ive spent this afternoon sitting in the sun, not really doing my homework, and drinking champagne. its been a relaxing time. but this week is going to be crazy hectic!

pretty pictures for you.

amanda from here comes the sun posted a little question thing this morning, so i thought id have a go (and have a look at her blog, its lovely!)

I Always:
♥ sing in the car, and try to hide it when someones watching
♥ love going to the footy, go you crowies!
♥  find myself quoting things, rather than using my own words (eg anchorman, friends!)
♥ listen to music to remember how i felt at a time

I Sometimes:
♥ blush, even when im not embarassed, but then blush more because im already blushing
♥ feel pretty lonely, especially when watching the hills!
♥ eat vegemite by itself, on a spoon, oh and tomato paste too
♥ start health kicks, but then always end them. im terrible!

I Never:
♥ eat mushrooms, they just feel funny
♥ miss so you think you can dance. i must watch it. (pity the seasons over!)

♥ like the colour red, i mean, its ok, but its kinda my least favourite
♥ like amanda, from here comes the sun, miss an issue of frankie!

if you do this also, post the link in the comments so i can read your answers!


gosh, i just love illustration.

ortolan, i hear you calling

my goodness how much do i want to work at ortolan! when i came across the melbourne studio all i could think of was that i wanted to work there when i leave uni. the only problem in adelaide......which funnily enough isnt melbourne......oh dear.
but its tooootally all my style of drawing, colours, cuteness and oh my gosh everything.
i guess theres no harm in applying there when im done and then figuring things out. 
aaaanyways, check out their website. they've done some amazing stuff. a bunch of extremely talented ladies. oh and did you know they are the smartie pants behind the quirk michi girl?

+ luisaviaroma

i want, no NEED, this necklace. and all the others on this site.

bright white


heres some bright room inspiration on a rainy day. i just heard amazingly loud thunder!
+ girlhula

its raining here this morning. and i la-hoooove it! and today frankie came out, which makes things even better. although i do have a bajillion things to do, and work this afternoon. 
but oh well.
i think im going to go to the botanic gardens after uni on friday, to take some photos of blossoms :) although i cant take them on my film slr because its not working at the moment :( and i only have a couple shots left on my polaroid. i might try my little toy camera, and just use my little digi. hopefully it doesnt rain then for me.
what do you think you'll do thats fun for the rest of the week? id love to hear from you!
+ decorology

i want a mirror just like this.

my web design project for uni. its simple but i like it

trouble breathing

+ jenna is having trouble breathing

i waltzed around you
seven times
only to become.
a melody
you never sing,
im not the one.
oh collective soul, you get me!

take my hand

oh elvis, i wish id seen you in your hey day! its been 33 years today since you left!


the home of one of my favourite bloggers, its actually just what i want mine to be like! flowers and georgous patterns! i hope you like it too. the beautiful blog is loveology.
+ chipmunk cheeks

rant begin.
dont you hate it when you hear that people are getting together that you love,
 but you're not invited.
end rant.
[ps sorry about all the white space, the pics are large!]

blurry romance

+ yvette inufio

oh how this week has dragged on! and ive been too busy to even look at posting which saddens me! i have seen a lot of nice things though. I cant imagine how busy im going to be at the end of the semester. gosh we're only four weeks in.

on a happy note though i do have things to look forward to. melbourne in the summer with one of my besties, polaroid film coming in the mail very soon, helping design things for a friends birthday, hopefully nabbing a ticket to crowded house (i really hope i can go) and other things that i cant really think of.

the only thing thats really bumming me out is that my brother and his lovely lady friend laura are heading back to america in 5 days. im going to miss them so much. it will probably be at least a year before i see them again.

what are you looking forward to? id love to hear from you!
enjoy the pretty photos!