pretty pictures for you.

amanda from here comes the sun posted a little question thing this morning, so i thought id have a go (and have a look at her blog, its lovely!)

I Always:
♥ sing in the car, and try to hide it when someones watching
♥ love going to the footy, go you crowies!
♥  find myself quoting things, rather than using my own words (eg anchorman, friends!)
♥ listen to music to remember how i felt at a time

I Sometimes:
♥ blush, even when im not embarassed, but then blush more because im already blushing
♥ feel pretty lonely, especially when watching the hills!
♥ eat vegemite by itself, on a spoon, oh and tomato paste too
♥ start health kicks, but then always end them. im terrible!

I Never:
♥ eat mushrooms, they just feel funny
♥ miss so you think you can dance. i must watch it. (pity the seasons over!)

♥ like the colour red, i mean, its ok, but its kinda my least favourite
♥ like amanda, from here comes the sun, miss an issue of frankie!

if you do this also, post the link in the comments so i can read your answers!


  1. I also love to sing in the car, and try to hide it when someones watching! and well, I just realized that mushrooms sound funny. love your post! :]


  2. I'm with you on the red deal! For some reason I just don't get the colour looks great on others but it's not for me :)

    I've done my list for tomorrow - it's such a sweet idea, it's interesting to read people's lists :)

    Love the pictures in your next post also

  3. aw i LOVE this. thanks for playing along! your blog is cute too =)

  4. totally borrowed the list, really nice.

    loving the photos, you always find the most beautiful ones! =]

  5. i did that list thing in one of my earliest posts!

    i loooove the double exposure of the galaxy and the girl. crazy cool! and i love the last photo too