blurry romance

+ yvette inufio

oh how this week has dragged on! and ive been too busy to even look at posting which saddens me! i have seen a lot of nice things though. I cant imagine how busy im going to be at the end of the semester. gosh we're only four weeks in.

on a happy note though i do have things to look forward to. melbourne in the summer with one of my besties, polaroid film coming in the mail very soon, helping design things for a friends birthday, hopefully nabbing a ticket to crowded house (i really hope i can go) and other things that i cant really think of.

the only thing thats really bumming me out is that my brother and his lovely lady friend laura are heading back to america in 5 days. im going to miss them so much. it will probably be at least a year before i see them again.

what are you looking forward to? id love to hear from you!
enjoy the pretty photos!

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