i will be getting these thankyou very much. fingers crossed anyways. they are a hungee. but hopefully i can use a 30% voucher and get them for 70.......
i havent bought shoes in so long! and i love loooooove these babies. you can find them at betts. oh, and i think ill get the black ones. they look HOT in black.
so one of my housies, rachie, bought a kaleidoscope today. the idea was found that we could take super dooper photos through the view finder! we've been having so much fun!
we shall be going out into the lovely daylight with it tomorrow to get some fun shots! there will be more posted soon......try it! its amazing fun!
i would like to live here please and thankyou.

the owners of this beautiful old old house bought it back in the early 90's. they used all of their savings to buy it. which i would do too! how cute is it! so between having children and time passing they've decorated it with bits and pieces. they have done everything themselves.
the random unmatching furniture and the cute flowers and shabby sheek are exactly what i want in my house. plus its in the peak district of england.
im so intensley jealous.
one day i shall move to england and live in a house like this!
i will have my horse in a cute old stable, chickens, a veggie garden, fresh flowers on the table, and a lovely husband.
if this doesnt happen my life will be miserable.

have a look at the article about it here

and i was alerted of this beautiful house over at brenda's blog fleur avenue. its an amazing blog! every single post of hers has amazing photos and things that i fall in love with. have a looksie!

aaaaaaaaaahhhh its been a while hasnt it!
last week i was on a camp, i was helping organise it with a few others. it went so well! i had such a great time and all the campers loved it. well we're hoping they did. they were all smiles though!
so now im home and super tired. but nice.
yesterday was one of my housemates birthdays. this morning we went out for breakfast and then to the gilles street markets in adelaide. they are my favourite. and only on once a month now that its getting cooler. i bought some nice things :)
a little box for 7
a new scarf for 6
a present for laura :)
and this dress. i love it! it belonged to the mother of the girl i bought it off of. it fits like a glove.
this afternoon i must wash my car. i have to. and do all of my washing from the camp.
its sprinkling with rain which is nice,
now im off to make a coffee and eat some yummy bread!
what has everyone been up to?
i have had such a lovely few days! uni finished yesterday for two weeks. yay! i dont have a whole bunch of free time but it will be nice not to think about uni for a little bit.
i went to the beach and ikea one day with two of my lovely ladies, rach and jess. we visited a chocolate shop too and had amaaaaaaaazing treats. there are some pictures down further. its called bracegirdles, and its on jetty road at glenelg for you adelaidians. it was SO good.

this is my new toy. and it was only 12.95 which is such a bargain! it will take four photos in quick succession with one click and put them all on one 4x6 print. ive seen them around but for much more money so this one is a steal! cheaper than three roles of film!
hopefully ill get some photos done soon so i can show you. i hope they work

hello lovely people.
how are we all on this fine day? its not actually fine in adelaide but its cloudy and chilly. my favourite!
its been a long morning. ive been at uni for hours and am still here for a couple more. but its ok. im loving the project that we're doing right now. its basically just an 8 page spread for something. a magazine layout, childrens books or promotional booklet. something like that.
im doing eight pages for the frankie magazine. its so much fun because ive always admired the layout of frankie. it is one of the reasons why i buy it. and the pictures and everything else.
so heres one spread that i just finished. all i need to do is figure out the text properly. i just rambled on so i knew what it looked like with the block of text. 
do you like it? 

well aint these just the cutest. check out the rest of lifelovepaper's photos.
i am busy my friends. super busy. and things shant be calming down for a while. im trying to blog as best i can but i think they're not the most interesting blogs! i hope you are all travelling nicely. comments are fun :)
happy easter lovely people!
i hope your good friday and day off was well spent.
i have enjoyed mine with friends, their family, and now my family.
and have now enjoyed looking over some family photos. here are some, i love looking back on childhood photos. fun times!

have lovely times!