AMERICA NOTES | part two

This was New York. 

It was a place that I didn't expect to love at all, but each day that we wandered I fell in love over and over again. It was a place that I expected to take energy away from me with all its hustle and bustle, but instead it gave more and more. It was a place that I would go back to in a heartbeat.

There is something special there. I don't know if its in the food, the thousands of delicious options lining every street patiently waiting for you to come and enjoy. Maybe its in the character of the buildings, beams and stones who have seen billions of faces pass by them and given love. Or maybe its in the parks; unexpected havens of natural love where you can breathe in smells of the earth between the pounded pavement. Or its the people, the wonderful people. So many beautiful hearts racing to and from all day from dawn until dusk, and long after. 

The City is love, an unexpected love. 
A place that I thought would take, but it only gave.

Thankyou NY