how amazing are they. i bet they feel good on ye olde steppers.
my goodness. excuse my drooling.

but damn you mister choo for being so freaking expensive.
a girl can only dream right. and cry endlessly, wearing her $5 kmart canvas shoes.


i just love flowers. i seriously can't get enough.
i love everything about them.
i always have to pick two. one to disect and marvel over.
and another the sniff and glorify until it loses its charm.

thankyou to emerson merrick for her lovely shots here.

hello hello hello all!

i hope you are all having the most spledid day here in oz for christmas.
and for those celebrating tomorrow i hope your chrissy eve is lovely!

ive been away for a while i know! i flew back home from LA yesterday.
I landed in adelaide at about midday and then came home to unpack and wrap pressies.
then after a zonked out sleep here i am on christmas day!! 

I will be posting in the next few days/week about my trip. so keep posted :)

merry christmas and god bless :)
Some shots of the amazing show at the LA dream centre last night. What a blessed place!

Sorry if the posts are a bit ugly. I'm doing them from my iPhone :)
Just in LA!!! On my phone at the moment so i can't do a big post. But I'm havin a ball!