im not sure where this is from, but i like to think that its me, ok.

i really just want to be feeling pretty and doing beautiful things.
but alas, instead i am snowed under with work,
snowed under with homework,
and feeling rather sluggish and unmotivated!
but enjoy the photos?

"I had a date with a pretty ballerina
Her hair so brilliant that it hurt my eyes
I asked her for this dance
and then she obliged me
Was I surprised, yeah
Was I surprised, no not at all"
- eels

 photostrips by jen gotch

rustic french soul

from the first picture, how amazing is this house! check out the floorboards. so shabby!
hello birdcage light. i think i need to fashion myself one of those! and the cute little stall bt the heater.
i actually just cant get enough of all of the unpolished wood, the rough bricks and the white and brightness. it just feels so natural. and its given life by the odd hints of colour, like the flowers above the fireplace.
the house just seems to have such character. i looks to me like love has been there, and stories have been made. such old charm, and rustic beauty.
my house will be muchos like this! with some of my other influences too :)

this rustic french house can be stayed at, i think i need to go there! it is owned by an antiques dealer so imagine all the pretty things in there that havent even been photographed!
i found this house on sweet as a candy, who found it here

what do you think of this house?
and whats your decorating style?

please read the letter that i wrote

i think im going to write these letters. im not sure why, i just really want to, and i think it would be good for me to put all my thoughts out. which i dont normally do at all!
im probably going to write them in one of my little moleskin journals. so keep watching for each letter as i write it!

1. a letter to your best friend
2. a letter to your crush [giggles!]
3. a letter to your parents
4. a letter to your sibling (or closest relative)
5. a letter to your dreams
6. a letter to a stranger
7. a letter to your ex partner
8. a letter to your favourite internet friend
9. a letter to someone you wish you could meet
10. a letter to someone you dont talk to as much as you would like to
11. a letter to a deceased person you would like to talk to
12. a letter to someone who has caused you a lot of pain
13. a letter to someone you wish you could forgive
14. a letter to someone you've drifted away from
15. a letter to the person you miss the most
16. a letter to someone in another state/country
17. a letter to someone from your childhood
18. a letter to the person you wish you could be
19. a letter to someone that pesters your mind, good or bad
20. a letter to the person who broke your heart the hardest
21. a letter to someone you judged by the first impression
22. a letter to someone you want to give a second chance to
23. a letter to the last person you kissed
24. a letter to the person who gave you your favourite memory
25. a letter to the person you know who is going through the hardest time
26. a letter to the last person you gave a pinky promise to
27. a letter to the friendliest person you knew for only a day
28. a letter to someone who changed your life
29. a letter to the person that you want to tell everything to, but are too afraid
30. a letter to your reflection in the mirror

photos by Bee Brady

my lovely friends. posting is hard for me at the moment because my computer has so little memory that its hardly opening pages and freaks out when i try to upload photos! its only working today because i deleted some music! but no doubt the computer will eat that memory up too :( hopefully ill be able to get my new computer soon. this is just no fun! and i want to show you all of my pretty finds.
my blog seems to be on a standstill though. slow profile views and no new followers in a while. i hope things pick up soon! with a new computer hopefully i can try and make things a lot better. my camera is full of photos that i cant upload onto the computer because its dying!
hope everyone is lovely.
this is my favourite beach, henley.

a thought is the blossom

ive just fallen in love with another blog. oh happy days!!!
a thought is the blossom, by starr, has some absolutely amazing things inside. definitely go have a look i say! she finds the most amazing vintage dresses, and shoots pretty and perfect shoots with her friends. i just want to explore everything!
i really want you to have a look. and check out her flickr too please, just here.

just a few pictures for you lovelies :) 
im enjoying myself muchly! i have loads more pics but the internet is real slow up here!
im going to the eumundi markets in the hills tomorrow. 
they're supposedly great. i cant wait.


sooooo im on the sunny sunshine coast. and i must say its lovely. and ive only been here a day! there are so many things already that i have my eye on to drain my bank account. 
woo hoo! 
tomorrow i shall hopefully buy new bathers and go for a much needed swim. the ocean is so beautiful. i already have bountiful photos. tomorrow or the day after ill post some. its so pretty. and so much fun! 
my body has quite set into relax mode yet. hopefully it does before the holiday ends. i just keep feeling like i need something to stress about. its bizarre not having work or uni or anything for two whole weeks!!!
i hope your days have been wonderful.
so while i dont have new pics today. please have a looksie over at my flickr. i would much appreciate some comments!!
love you all!

lack of

my loves i am so sorry about me being missing and not posting. ive been trying to post though! my computers harddrive is dying and so its not letting me upload pictures or anything. ill be in queensland for the next two weeks. hopefully i can do some posts up there. its going to be so great! when i get back fingers crossed ill be getting a mac [woooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo] so ill be posting like crazy again!!
i have so many things to share. its all building up. haha.
i hope that everyone is well. what is everyone up to?