rustic french soul

from the first picture, how amazing is this house! check out the floorboards. so shabby!
hello birdcage light. i think i need to fashion myself one of those! and the cute little stall bt the heater.
i actually just cant get enough of all of the unpolished wood, the rough bricks and the white and brightness. it just feels so natural. and its given life by the odd hints of colour, like the flowers above the fireplace.
the house just seems to have such character. i looks to me like love has been there, and stories have been made. such old charm, and rustic beauty.
my house will be muchos like this! with some of my other influences too :)

this rustic french house can be stayed at, i think i need to go there! it is owned by an antiques dealer so imagine all the pretty things in there that havent even been photographed!
i found this house on sweet as a candy, who found it here

what do you think of this house?
and whats your decorating style?

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  1. Your blog is so beautiful! I love these pictures, they are inspiring, I can't wait to get my own house.

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    Vikki xx