i will be getting these thankyou very much. fingers crossed anyways. they are a hungee. but hopefully i can use a 30% voucher and get them for 70.......
i havent bought shoes in so long! and i love loooooove these babies. you can find them at betts. oh, and i think ill get the black ones. they look HOT in black.


  1. yaaaay
    so proud of you haha

  2. a hungee? = $100 ? lol well that is how much we spent on the ice cream heels! haha

    those are SOOOOOO cute. i normally don't care much for booty heels, but these are unique and soo adorable! i want them!

  3. i'm so glad you found my blog, barista's are probably the best people in the world. cute shoes too. x

  4. oh oh! p.s i have a lomo action sampler also but i've never been able to get mine working, let me know how you go with yours! x