i hast six cameras. and i want more! a collection like this. i need some more money of course. but i will get there. slowly but surely im building my little cute army of moment snappers!
these are from this ladies blog, forever is today. she has the pleasure of owning them all!

if anybody knows of some cheap camera dealers or websites let me know. or different and interesting cameras! here are a couple that i drool over

an absolutely brilliant dealer. such good prices and such pretty cameras!
adelaide central markets.
theres a little camera store in there with loadsa oldies!
nice polaroids
is always a nice browse
and generally


  1. You have 6?! That's so neat. I'm jealous. I want nice cameras. Real cameras. My Canon digital point n shoot died; it dropped and broke :( Now I'm relying on other people's digi cams. ACK! But I just started using the plastic Fisheye camera I got and I can't wait to use a whole roll so I can see what they look like!

  2. haha yeh six. i didnt even know how it happened. although two need to be fixed. they're both digitals and i have another so i dont really care. ill get them fixed oneday. maybe. when im rich.
    i cant wait to see some!

  3. I've gotten a couple from browsing garage sales around Adelaide - they're usually pretty cheap, too.

    My problem is that older formats of film are just way too expensive for me... :(