green thumb

oh the busy times of life! i have absolutely no motivation for anything. by the time ive read my favourite blogs im too tired to do anything about my own! ugh. uni is too full on. but hey. my career is pretty important so i guess ill stick with it!
on a fun note this sunday is our housewarming. we've been here for a few months but after people continually asking if there was to be a heating of the house we've decided to have one. it will be good. i hope!
so in the spirit of homes these pictures are a few from my house. its really old fashioned with beautiful fire places and cornices.  i love it to pieces. my perfect home. pity its only a rental! and the backyard is huge! i have filled all the pots that the owners left with flowers, which are looking lovely at the moment. I planted mostly potted plants but im trying to grow my own seeds as well. They're sprouting at the moment but should have flowers in about five weeks im hoping! fingers crossed. the backyard is grass but the border has trees and rose bushes oh and grape vines as well. the roses were lovely when they were blossoming but they've calmed down now. but now the bulbs are all starting to arise! there are some bright red flowering bulbs popping out everywhere at the moment. they are really quite nice. ive never seen them before but ill try and get a photo.
i was never much of a green thumb when i lived with my parents. i loved gardens but i would always get stuck with just the weeding which wasnt much fun at all. but now that i have control its so much fun! and i love it. its quite relaxing. and knowing that im growing it all and succeeding is a nice feeling too.
i hope your days are going lovely. give me a message if you're reading and let me know about your blogs so i can have a looksie! i need some inspiration and you lovelies always help with that! bye you pretty things xx


  1. all those photos are from your house?! that's crazy! and awesome! so old fashioned. i dig the fireplace and the chandelier! :D

  2. good to see a new post! I do enjoy reading your blog and i come by often! :) hope your house warming is grand!~ x

  3. lovely post. that chandelier is stunning.

    i'm renting at the moment, but our landlord was nice/laid back enough to let us dig a huge veggie garden in the backyard. i have never been so into gardening! i love watching the veggies grow. We also have fruit trees (3 apples tree, a fig tree, mulberry tree and lemon tree) and lots of lovely rose bushes. nature blows my mind.

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