long time no speak

oh dear! it has been so long since i last posted. honestly though i have been absolutely flat out. i am tre exhausted! uni started back on the first of march and this last weekend i spent at womadelaide.
on a side note how cute is the sportsgirl websites background just above?? its lovely!

uni has started off with a bang. i feel overloaded with work and assignments already. they're good though, but i can hardly keep my eyes open anymore! i swear every night i go to post something but i just can not be bothered because the screen makes me sleepy!

womadelaide was soooooooo much fun though! i volunteered so i got to go to the whole weekend free! and its a four day weekend too! i worked in the woshop selling merchandise and such. it was great fun. i got to meet so many lovely people and i had a ball. there were some amaaaazing artists playing over the festival. actually. all of them were rather amazing! some that played are: Calexico, Mairtin O'Conner Trio, Ethiopiques, Ross Daly, Grrilla Step, The Skatelites, Mama Kin, Dean & Britta, Vorn Doolette, The Public Opinion Afro Orchestra, Xavier Rudd & Izintaba, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Babylon Circus, Los Amigos Invisibles, The Armada, Tim Finn, Ravi Shankar.
thats only a few of the names too! but i honestly had a ball. babylon circus are a french band and they are so much fun to dance to! and while i was working the lead singer came into the shop and he signed my shirt! which meant he had to touch my shoulder. he touched my shoulder. amazing :) oh and i got a hug from one of the players in hypnotic brass. they are rather spectacular also!
If you live in australia i totally suggest coming to womadelaide! ive been a few times and it keeps getting better. apparently its the biggest womad second to england which is a huge success for adelaide!
there are markets, amazing food, arts and of course music. and its pretty much a hippy festival. everyone is so relaxed and i just danced my feet off! the chai tent is like heaven also. i could spend my life in there!

there arent many photos uploaded of this years (i didnt take any :S) but here are some from last years womad!

cat empire yeh! i was in that crowd somewhere :)
all womad photos are from their flickr

oh and i got a henna tattoo!!! i love them. i think im going to get a kit and try doing some myself.
this photo still has the mixture on so hopefully i can get a photo of the actual tattoo. you're meant to leave the mixture on for as long as possible so it can sink under the skin.

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  1. crazy cool!! henna, looks neat. I want to go to the music festival sometime!! i was in the hospital last time and missed that AND clipsal :( stupid appendix.

    i know how you feel about being so tired out! i started my job and i've been falling asleep accidentally way earlier than usual!! being with the kidsies and waking up early is poopin me out.

    i did go to Portland, this town that I think you'd like a lot! you should look at the peectures on my blog!! :)

    oh and also i want my wall to look like that pic! so cute