cutie mc cute!

now i just had to share these photos with you! they have been on my computer for so long. they are a pick me up for me! this little panda is the cutest thing by far. this cheeky little cub wen li was trying to get out of her crib while her twinnie ya li was playing quitely.
i got these photos ages ago of ninemsn.
but if you adore her little face have a look here. theres a few more photos and some of her sissie too :)
im so attached, and all ive seen are photos. but they're such cuties!
i hope my future babies will look like these!

also, yet another giveaway!
this one is over on fleur avenue. such a good blog. she finds the cutest things. this giveaway is great i love the necklace. i have entered so i think you all should too!

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  1. i for one hope that your babies do not look like that because people would definitely raise some eyebrows...

    but OOOH MY GOOOOOOOSH i want i want i want a baby panda please! i've always love loved them.

    the 2nd pic cracks me up!! its a mix of "OH CRAP!" and "Woo hoo Im FREE!"