Sunshine Award :)

wow I am so sorry for my lack of being around! there are so many posts stored up in my head, but I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to post any of them! 

BUT ALAS! while I was away (goodness knows where) the lovely polly from a rowan tree (one of my absolute favourites) was kind enough to give me a Sunshine Award! 
Which is lovely!

The Sunshine Award recgonises creativity and positivity. These two things make such beautiful things together! And I feel blessed and happy that Polly thought of me to pass this award on to! I get crazy busy and that gets in the way of me blogging, but I so love posting and reading through the creative blog world. So much beauty, pretty, lovely and inspiration!

Sunshine Award questions: 
Favourite colour - green. or glitter......can that be a favourite colour?
Favourite animal - I have always loved horses, and birds, and kittens.
Favourite non-alcoholic drink - Well I love coffee. A lot. But I also love sparkling apple juice. Yummo!
Facebook or twitter - Facebook, I have twitter, but I'm horrible at it!
Getting or giving presents - I love giving presents! A lot!
Favourite flower - Um it changes ALL the time. At the moment though, lilacs. So sweet!
Favourite pattern I swear the pattern of my blood would be floral, but in my work, more so triangles!
Passion - oh everything! design, flowers, music, connection, LOVE! and heart.
Favourite number - 9. I think it's a cute number :)

So now it is my turn to pass it on to some wonderful people! Here we are :)
1. Lauren, of Lozalicious
2. Peter, of WTFONG?
3. Jess, of Lovely Green Lily
4. Krystal, of Krystal Lee
5. Caity, of Caity Says

Enjoy! And I promise I'll get back into posting. NOW!