in complete awe!

I'll ask you to excuse me now for such a long post!
 I found these pictures, and was trying to sort out which few i would post, 
but I am head over heels for them all!

I can imagine wearing this on a picnic date, how sweet.

This would definitely be my favourite.
I think its just amazing. I'm in looooooooove!

This dress is the cutest. Im loving the peter pan colar and the contrast between
the floral top half and the bright red skirt. and the scalloped lace hemming
is actually to die for!

I am not as keen on this dress as the rest, but i would like to take those
shoes off of her and run!

I am utterly intrigued with the quilted look. And so tempted to try and make one 
similar to the one just above. It couldn't be too hard right? Its a simple cut
dress. All i need is some fabric triangles and off I go!

This is just too cute.

Going with the russian theme, doesnt this dress remind you of a babushka doll?
I laaaahooooove it!

The end lace dresses.........just oh ma gaaaaawwsssh!

These dresses are all from the new Erdem SS 2011 line. 
I actually just can't get enough of all of the beautiful dresses. 

And to top it off, the inspiration came from one of my favourite ballets, Petrouchka.
Erdem was lucky enough to be co-curating an exhibition about Diaghilev, and his 
Ballet Russes. He produced some amazing things back in his day! 
Erdem was able to sort through everythingand experience all of the amazing 
fabrics and textures that ballet dancers like Nijinsky worewhile performing in the 
stunning shows. The designs are also reflective of the music that appeared 
in the ballets. Igor Stravisnkys Petrouchka is such a vivid and interesting 
sound, and I can seethe sound peeking through in the dresses. 

The influence from russia is so obvious in the patterns and shapes of the new line. 
It explains the tight bodices and flowing, bouncy skirts. And also the patchwork.
The clothes are perfect for summer. The georgous prints and amazing designs are just
what I need to be inspired by, I have been dreading the heat! Theres also a hint
of sex appeal in these dresses, with sheer laces and secret slits up the 
sides of the dresses ;)

I hope you love the dresses. Excuse my ranting :) I studied the russian ballet 
petrouchka a few years ago in my final year of highschool. I thought it was 
amazing then, but now im even more in awe.
thank you Erdem!!!!

To have a look at the shots from the runway, go here.
And to look at the site itself, go to Erdem.

love xx

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  1. Oh my! Lauren, I love this line! You're right, there's SO many good ones. I didn't know you like/know ballet and Petrouchka! That's awesome :D and I like that you said "a hint of sex appeal" in the dresses, when I def see a NIP in one! hahah. I'm immature.